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Raisin' Funds for Furry Friends

Held by Sarah Glenn
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BC SPCA Victoria
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  1. Ted Skulmoski
  2. Wendy Lynd
  3. SW
  4. David/Kate Glenn
  5. Connie & Darcy Stanick
  6. Jackstar
  7. Maureen Wilson
  8. The Fisk's
  9. Kaitlin Kiddey
  10. Tess Stanick
  11. Mallory Welechenko
  12. Aimee Wood
  13. Jayden
  14. Kait


You found my fundraising page! Which means you care about animals as much as I do & together we can help animals who desperately need it across BC.

Now that's rad- lets get to it.

Here's my jam:

I joined the BC SPCA early this year as part of the leadership team in Victoria and I am so proud to work for this organization. Every single day I see my team go the extra (extra, extra, extra) mile for injured, homeless, neglected and abused animals. I see animals in every stage of their healing journey, tenderly cared for by loving staff; I hear stories of families adopting their dream pets and I feel the community of volunteers and donors congeal around us like glue.

OH! And we adopted our wee dog, Maple, from SPCA Victoria. Shes great at snacking but terrible at driving (see cover photo for adorable reference). Win!

Here's the SPCA jam:

The BC SPCA is a powerhouse community - last year we helped over 118,000 animals. Now, folks hear SPCA and think adoptions and shelter but were so much more than that. Our vital programs include sheltering and adoptions, pet food bank and outreach services (like emergency board services and low income spay and neuter programs), veterinary care and life saving medical aid, wildlife rehabilitation, and humane education programs for kids.

Here's your jam:

This is where you come in - please consider supporting my Lock-In for Love fundraiser for the BC SPCA.

I've set an ambitious goal for myself and as a thank you for your support, I would like to offer one of my original mosaic artworks as a gift. See my Facebook Page for more details!

To donate, please click on the 'Donate' button or call 1-855-622-7722 and mention BRE BECKETT Lock-In for Love page.

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