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Held by Avery Newton
$2361 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Anonymous
  2. Mom
  3. Wilma
  4. Margaret Appleton
  5. Jim Simpson
  6. Avery N
  7. Barb and Jack
  8. Marianne E. Lummin
  9. Judith Dunlop
  10. Marc Bowles
  11. Doug and Robyn Parke
  12. Diane L Phillips
  13. Brenda J Veller
  14. Sue and Cam Taylor
  15. David G Johnson
  16. Kenneth J Almond
  17. Amanda Darnley
  18. Deb Stone
  19. Peggy Gaspari
  20. Luanne Sasyniuk

My Fundraiser

Helping animals is near and dear to my heart- join me in helping animals this year, and make a donation to my Lock-In fundraiser!

I was born in Penticton, I am 29 years old, I am a member of Special Olympics Swimming , Kisu Swim Club, I am in my last year at the  Okanagan College and I am working at PetSmart. My fundraising goal is going to be $ 1,000 thousand dollars.  Help me get out of my kennel On, Friday,June,21st,2019 at the BC S.P.C.A. I will be locked up in a cage with a dog or the cat room. I will be spending time with the animal in the cage. It is going to be my second  year being locked up in a cage. I will be collecting donations online, offline and during the event. I have been doing the Paws for a cause since I was 9 years old. I borrowed a dog to walk for the Paws for a cause every year. I enjoyed doing the S.P.C.A.walk to help all the animals. I have set my goal for one thousand dollars for my donation page for the S.P.C.A. I will have a lot of fun being in a cage with a dog or a cat . Thanks again for all your donations online, offline and during the event.

I hope you will join me in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Your generosity provides care and assistance to nearly 49,000 animals a year - thank you!

Offline donation page for printing: Click here to download