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Held by Eleanor Thompson
$520 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Anonymous
  2. Doreen Gatt
  3. Anonymous
  4. Allan Smith
  5. Rebeka (on behalf of Muffin, Spotty, Bluey, and the gerbils, and fishies)
  6. Jacqui H
  7. Rhoda Perron
  8. Mary Thompson
  9. Good job Aunty!

My Fundraiser

On August 16th I’ll be locked in a cat room at the BC SPCA Parksville-Qualicum branch in support of animals in need! While I spend time with a kitty in the BC SPCA's care I'll be calling on everyone I know to help me save animal lives.

The BC SPCA is an organization very close to my heart and I hope you will join me in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. My siblings and I were so fortunate to have parents who let us have all kinds of pets – cats, dogs, birds, frogs. So it was natural for me to continue so I had my Muffin cat to keep me company when I was single. When family came along, we were lucky that my reluctant hubby gave in to our beloved Spotty cat, gerbils, and sweet Bluey, the budgie. We all know the value of sweet pet friends in the home and are horrified when we hear of neglect, abuse and sadness when others have animals they don’t care for. Thank goodness for the SPCA and the excellent work they do! If you feel the same way we do, please miss out on a few coffee treats and give a donation to the SPCA.

If you have time on August 16th, anytime 12:00-2:00, swing by and see our local branch of the SPCA and come get me out of the kennel with your donations! Your gift will help rescue more animals. Over 22,000 animals this year!


Offline donation page for printing: Click here to download