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Held by Pyrrha .
$1865 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Wade, Danielle, and Hazel
  2. Cathryn j lawrence
  3. Martz family
  4. Donna
  5. George B. Forbes
  6. Boxleys
  7. Donaldson/Brankston
  8. Duy Tran
  9. Drake the lab
  10. Kathryn & Michael
  11. Andrea White
  12. Griffith Schroeder
  13. Liv French
  14. Lenny, Bowie, and Arnold
  15. Anita Chan
  16. Sarah Hinton
  17. Lauren F Bradshaw
  18. Susanna Helgason
  19. Mr the dog.
  20. Theo xx

My Fundraiser

Welcome to our fundraising page.

Helping animals is near and dear to our heart- join us in helping animals this year, and make a donation to our Lock-In fundraiser!

I hope you will join us in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Your generosity provides care and assistance to nearly 49,000 animals a year - thank you!

A little bit about us!

Emma Lawrence: Having had rescue animals in my home my entire life, I am big supporter of the BCSPCA and everything that they do to help find homes and advocate for all the fur babies out there. Currently my family and I have 5 dogs and 3 cats in our household. It’s a bit like a zoo, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am furever grateful to the rescuers who matched us with our fur family and hope to raise some money to help them continue to do what they do. I am asking my friends and family help me get out of the kennel as quickly as possible so that I don’t fall in love with my cell mate and try to bring them home too!

Schalinda Ma: I am a lover of all animals. I have rescued animals in the past and they are so important to me. I am grateful for these animals in my life, they help so much with my mental health. My goal is to raise enough money to help these animals get forever homes. I want to give these animals good loving homes that will create a great environment for them to flourish. 

Carissa Heartt: Animals are the purest creatures I know. They are so willing to give whatever they are able to make us humans feel good! We have a responsibility in kind to treat them with love and respect, and make sure they're safe in this world. Let's help them as best as we can and show them they are not forgotten.

Emma, Schalinda and Carissa are excited to represent Pyrrha's animal-loving team at this year's BC SPCA Lock-in For Love. Pyrrha is a Vancouver-based company that handcrafts talisman jewelry using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era. Each piece is designed to inspire the wearer with its symbolic meaning culled from heraldry. Pyrrha is a long-term supporter of the BC SPCA, and donates many of its animal-themed signature talismans to help raise funds for the charity’s incredible rescue and shelter programs.

Find us at https://pyrrha.com/




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