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Why I'm fundraising for the SPCA:

In December of 2021, we had to say goodbye to a very special guinea pig, Minnie. Losing her was devastating as we only had a few short months together, when we had imagined having many happy years ahead of us. But as difficult as this loss was for me and Trevor, it was even harder for Waffles, who lost her sister and best friend.

Thanks to the Victoria SPCA, we were able to find a new companion for Waffles. Her name was Frog, she was 2.5 years old, and she looked like a toasted marshmallow with her white coat and grey nose. She has gained a lot of weight since her adoption, so now she is big like a marshmallow too.

Frog and Waffles were not exactly instant friends, but they slowly learned to get along and now they do everything together. We are so lucky to have found Frog! We could not have asked for a better companion for Waffles.

In honour of Frog and all the other guinea pigs that are cared for by the SPCA, I would like to fundraise $300.00, enough for 1 month of critter care. I decided to raise my goal from 2 weeks of care thanks to the great support so far. To everyone who has donated or offered your encouragement: thank you from the bottom of my heart!

If you are surprised by how much a small animal can cost, here is a breakdown of some of our recurring costs for 4 guinea pigs (after initial costs like building an enclosure, sewing bedding, etc.):

  • Bag of pellets: $27 (lasts 2 months)
  • Hay: $60/month
  • Vitamin C biscuit supplements: $24/month
  • Vegetables: $80/month
  • Veterinary care: $100+ per visit

If you are able to donate, thank you!! If not, you can help by spreading the word, volunteering with your local SPCA or animal shelter, and/or voicing your support for better laws for the humane treatment of all animals.

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