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Held by Derek Kortschaga
$360 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Cranbrook Dodge
  2. Anonymous
  3. Robyn Harrison
  4. Chloe and Oma Fraser

My Fundraiser

When I first took part in the Men With Cats calendar fundraiser, I realised I had never in my life held a kitten.  I fell in love with the little fur-babies and now have four I've adopted from the East Kootenay BC SPCA.  Junior and Sparticat are brothers.  They're five years old.  Putty Tat is a year two years old and could be Junior's Mini-Me.  And two-year-old Rosie is the only girl, the only Manx, the only long-haired, and the only one who isn't black or black and white. 

On June 29th I will be locked up to raise funds for the other cats at the BC SPCA. I hope you will join me in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. Your generosity will help care for nearly 49, 000 animals this year.

Thank you!

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