Welcome to Jeff's Lock-In Page

Held by Jeff Benvin
$2640 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. John Walker
  2. Anonymous
  3. Kurt, Katie, Bella and Jackson
  4. Dianne Vallentgoed
  5. Kim and shane Hagan
  6. Isabelle and the Shelter Dogs
  7. McCartan Contracting
  8. Ann-Marie Gibson
  9. Trent Ballance
  10. Dogs on the Run
  11. Denise Gallant
  12. Brandon Bouchard
  13. Anonymous
  14. Tami Mullaly
  15. Sherri Pridge
  16. Frank Benvin
  17. jim hutt
  18. In Memory of Gordy
  19. Coal
  20. Adam & Angela

My Fundraiser

My name is Jeff Benvin. I was born and raised in Nanaimo and have lived here my entire life.  I aim to break the fundraising record for an individual participant for this event ($6,500)! Help me get to $7,000!

Through out my life I have always been an avid animal lover and advocate for the rights of animals. 

I started my business on July 1st 1994 at the age of 17, and since then have offered and donated all the different types of services I provide to the Nanaimo and District S.P.C.A.

I do this as my way of doing all that I can for animals in and around our region that have been neglected, mistreated, or abused in any way shape or form in hopes that it can make a positive difference in there life. Also I do this for the kind and caring, hard working staff of the Nanaimo S.P.C.A. to show my support for them and the heartfelt efforts they put in on a daily basis in their lives to better the health and wellbeing of animals every where. 

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