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Held by Ruby Bedi Bains
$225 Raised

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  2. Ruby Bedi Bains
  3. Gurk Bains
  4. Sandie Stenzel

My Fundraiser

While we’re at home, staying safe, there are still animals out there who desperately need us. That's why I'm raising funds to ensure help is available for vulnerable animals when they need it the most.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BC SPCA has had to close their branches to the public, and cancel all physical events, making it challenging to raise funds needed to care for the animals. You can help make a difference in the lives of neglected, abused, or homeless animals by supporting this BC SPCA fundraiser!


Will you help me be there for the animals? Any donation big or small will go along way to ensure lifesaving work for animals continues. 


On June 13th, the BC SPCA will be hosting a virtual day of celebration on their Facebook page, and everyone is invited, to say thank you for helping the animals <3