Lock-In for Love is all about community coming together to save animals in need (and having fun along the way!). You can put your committed love for animals to work right from your phone or keyboard. Set up a free personal or team fundraising page to collect donations for the BC SPCA online from June 5-22, 2024.

On June 22 make your final fundraising push at home, with your team, or at one of our participating Community Animal Centres (space permitting). It is your last chance to inspire your community to join you in saving animals!

Lock-In for Love officially starts Wednesday, June 5, 2024, and participants will fundraise through Saturday, June 22, 2024. On June 22 make your final fundraising push at home, with your team, or at one of our participating Community Animal Centres (space permitting).

It’s heart-meltingly adorable and it’s in person! June 22nd is the big finale for Lock-In for Love. It’s your chance to get close up and personal with the animals and the care your compassionate efforts support!  

All fundraisers are invited to their local participating BC SPCA animal centre for this special day (space permitting). You’ll get cozy in one of our dog kennels, cat rooms or other animal homes, spending an hour cuddling up with an animal in care while you make your final fundraising push. (You may also be able to bring your own dog with you instead – ask your local centre!) 

You’re also welcome to participate virtually, making your final fundraising push at home, with a favourite furry friend, with your team or anywhere else that works for you. As long as you feel comfortable and supported, anywhere can be your animal rescue headquarters! 

No matter where you "lock-in", each one of you is invited to come down to your closest participating location for a gratitude goodie bag, a victory photo and a special thank you from the staff and animals. 

Take your fundraising to the next level! You'll find lots of useful tips in the Lock-In for Love fundraising guide, available for download here.

1) Make a plan and mark your calendar 
Lock-In for Love kicks off Wednesday, June 5 and goes through Saturday, June 22, 2024. The earlier you start the more money you are likely to raise! Then mark June 22 on your calendar and start thinking about how you’ll spend your Lock-In and final fundraising push for the animals! 

2) Set your goal and make the first donation 
During registration you’ll be asked to set a fundraising goal. Set an ambitious goal to show your friends and family that you are serious about saving animals’ lives. 

Next, set an example and inspire others by making the first donation. When your friends and family see this they will be extra motivated to help you reach your goal. 

3) Customize your Personal Fundraising Page 
This is your chance to tell everyone how much you love animals and explain why you have chosen to fundraise for the BC SPCA. You may want to share a personal story of an animal who has touched your life. Then upload photos of some of your favourite animals. After all, who can say no to a furry face? 

4) Tell everyone you’re fundraising and why 
Don’t be afraid to ask. Giving makes people feel great and people want to be there for the animals. Don’t forget, you are asking on behalf of vulnerable animals that desperately need us. 

Share your fundraising via email, Facebook, Instagram, text, whatever your preferred method of communication. 

To make it easy we have template emails ready for you to update and send! From your Email Centre you can send emails to friends and co-workers letting them know you are raising funds for the animals and asking them to visit your page and donate. (To access it, log in and then click 'emails' on the navigation bar.)

5) Remind people to get their donations in 
We all need a reminder now and then. Don’t hesitate to keep reminding others about your mission to help vulnerable animals. 

6) Share your success with everyone and express your thanks! 
Make sure to send a special thank you to all your donors. When you log in, you can go to 'email' on the top bar to see a list of everyone who donated online and email them your thanks right there. 

Lock-In for Love moved to a website platform in 2023. If you participated in 2022 or 2021 your username has been migrated over to the new platform. However, you will still need to re-set your password before you can log in for the first time. If you have any issues, please contact us at lockin@spca.bc.ca.

Log in to your fundraising account and select your fundraiser from the navigation menu. Your personal fundraising page is under 'Fundraisers' and your team is under 'Teams'. Click the name to go to that page. Here you can edit directly on the page. You can change images, text, your fundraising goal, your page URL, and video. 

Personalize your page with stories, pictures, and videos to let your friends know why it means so much for them to give generously to the animals. 

Log in to your fundraising account and select 'Options' from the navigation bar. Then select 'Edit User Profile'. Here you can change your user details and password.

Yes, the more the merrier! When you register as a team, you will create both a Lock-In for Love Team Fundraising Page, as well as an Individual Fundraising Page. You can use the Team Page to track team fundraising and to ask others to join you. If you’ve already registered as an individual and would now like to start a team email us at lockin@spca.bc.ca and we’ll help you out! 

Yes, we welcome animal lovers of all ages to participate in Lock-In for Love!

By submitting your funds as soon as possible, your dollars can go to work immediately to help animals in your community! The aim is to collect all donations by June 22 so we can celebrate the total together. However, your personal page will remain up and running and able to accept donations in the months following the event.

It can take up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours, remember to check your ‘junk’ folder just in case and then contact us at lockin@spca.bc.ca. We will be happy to check the status for you.

In general, donations should be reflected on the page right away.

Donations to your fundraising page are listed directly on your page. You can get additional details by clicking on a donation while logged in. 

A list of your donations is also available under 'email', conveniently located so that you can directly email them your thanks right there.

All donations of $10 or more are eligible to receive a tax receipt. If your donors make a donation online they will automatically receive an electronic tax receipt by email. 

While giving online is the fastest and easiest way for you and your donors to get funds to the animals, you may also mail funds to BC SPCA Lock-In for Love 1245 E 7th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5T 1R1. Your or your supporters can download an offline donation form directly from your fundraising page for this purpose. 

Please include complete name, address and phone details for each donor so that a receipt can be issued. Tax receipts will be emailed or mailed directly to donors. Please be sure to provide all contact details when submitting your donation as this is required by the Canada Revenue Agency before we can issue a receipt. Processing times for offline donations will vary, but if you’d like to follow up send an email to lockin@spca.bc.ca.

No, based on Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, we are only able to issue tax receipts to donors. Your supporters will receive a tax receipt for their donations (of $10 or more), and you will receive a tax receipt for your personal donations.

You’re welcome to participate virtually, making your final fundraising push at home, at work, with a favourite furry friend, with your team or anywhere else that works for you. As long as you feel comfortable and supported, anywhere can be your animal rescue headquarters!

If you are fundraising for a BC SPCA Community Animal Centre listed on our locations page they will be in touch to support you during Lock-In for Love. Let them know your questions and they’ll be happy to help answer them. 

If you are fundraising for areas of greatest need or a location not listed on our locations page, get in touch with us at lockin@spca.bc.ca

The BC SPCA relies heavily on public donations to be able to care for vulnerable animals. Thanks to the generous support of animal lovers like you, last year we were able to help more than 135,000 animals. 

If you select a BC SPCA Community Animal Centre for your fundraising, all donations to your page will go directly to funding important work at that location such as medical care for the animals there. 

If you choose to fundraise for areas of greatest need, all donations to your page will go to where the money is needed most across B.C. That could be to fund animal protection investigations, provide medical care for a large animal rescue effort, be there for animals during disasters like wildfires or floods, and more. 

Thank you for being there for injured, homeless, neglected and abused animals.

Yes! On June 5 when you self-donate, Hill’s Pet Nutrition is generously matching your self-donation up to $20,000*. A self-donation is a donation to your own personal fundraising page. When you donate, the match funds from Hill's should be reflected on your page immediately, provided match funds are still available - if you don't see the matching funds please contact us. 

As well, whenever funds are available, we like to support our fundraisers with matching opportunities to help boost their fundraising. Should funds be available, we’ll make sure to let you know early on match day so you can make that extra fundraising push to your friends and family. However, we encourage you to put your all into fundraising from day one. The fundraisers who help the animals the most are usually the ones who keep fundraising from start to finish. 

*Should the match be met, the amount of matching funds per individual fundraiser will be capped at $5,000.

SPECIAL UPDATE: On June 14 Petsecure Pet Health Insurance is generously matching all Lock-In for Love donations up to $30,000! 
Should the match be met, the amount of matching funds per individual fundraiser will be capped at $10,000 

Thank you so much for setting an example by self-donating to your fundraising page!  

To trigger the self-donated badge on your page, your donation email address must match the email you registered with. If you donated under a different email address, please email us at lockin@spca.bc.ca with the details so we can help.

As well, self-donation badges only apply when you donate to your personal fundraising page, not to your team fundraising page. If you donated to your team page we would be happy to move your donation to your individual page so your self-donation badge will show.

There are many possible ways to Lock-In for Love on June 22, if you aren't able to participate at your local branch! 

  • Lock yourself in to your closet, bathroom, bedroom or other space while you make a final focused fundraising push to your friends and family. You can even do it with your beloved animal companion (ensuring they are comfortable and have everything they need).

  • Consider setting a final goal and letting your network know that you’ll stay locked in (safely) until they help you reach it. You can even livestream it! 

  • Lock-In together with your team while you all make that push for the animals! 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to lockin@spca.bc.ca! We love chatting with our participants and hearing all your wonderful fundraising plans.

Yes, I want to spread the love!