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  1. Teca Kotorynski


Please join me in saving animals in need

I feel so lucky that my person found me and adopted me! I was adopted from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in the US where my person lived when she found me. I was found with my mama and brothers and sisters dumped by the roadside. My eyes weren't even open yet so I don't know exactly where we were but it was somewhere in Arizona they told me. I got taken to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where I got all the puppy classes and met SO many different staff people who all loved me because I am that charming. After graduating from puppy school I eventally got adopted by a wonderful family but it turns out the mama of the family was allergic to dogs. Everyone in the family was so sad but they had to take me back to Best Friends. I was happy to be back with all the loving staff there but I also was sad too. My furever person found me when she was volunteering for a few days at Best Friends. We had an overnight visit and I showed her that even though I went to puppy school I must have missed the leash training sessions as I pulled her all over the place. But on night three in the cabin at the Sanctuary I saw her packing her suitcase and I hopped right in. I think she already knew she was going to adopt me and take me home to California but I have heard her tell her friends that me hopping into her suitcase sealed the deal. I did learn cuteness tricks in puppy school even if I slacked off in leash class. We had the most wonderful bonding road trip home to California, stopping in Zion Park and even in Las Vegas so I could take a selfie under the famous Las Vegas sign.

I think that if not for animal welfare organizations I would never have the life I do as my family had been abandoned along a highway in a remote area shortly after I was born.

I am SO grateful for the nonprofit organizations that help care for sick, injured and neglected animals and also help look after people in the communities who need support from organizations like the BC SPCA in emergencies or in times of need when they might need help from things like Pet Food Banks. My home and heart is now near to Nanaimo BC SPCA because I have met the staff and volunteers there and have seen the wonderful care they provide animals in need.

Today I have decided to give back by trying to raise funds for the Nanaimo SPCA. It has been hard work typing this out (please excuse any typos as I could use a nail trim). Please help me in my mission to bring love and safety to vulnerable animals in B.C. Consider supporting my Lock-In for Love fundraiser for the BC SPCA. Whatever amount you are comfortable with, having you by my side in this effort means so so much.

Your thoughtful donation funds rescue, shelter, medical care and more, bringing joy to those animals who need it most.

To donate, please click on the 'Donate' button or call 1-855-622-7722 and mention my Lock-In for Love page.

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