BCSPCA West Vancouver Community Animal Center

Team Captain: Sarah Henderson
Team Captain: Becca Fribance
Lock-In for Love 2024
Supporting West Vancouver
$8,275.00 Raised
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Direct Team Donations

  1. Taleah Smith
  2. Marty Dohm
  3. Merle Loyst
  4. Petsecure Match
  5. Peter Bunny
  6. Roxy Merkes-Nielsen
  7. Sharon Underhill
  8. Jo Hinchliffe
  9. Anonymous
  10. Pamela Manson
  11. Petsecure Match
  12. Steve Yehle
  13. Gordon Family
  14. Leslie Wynick
  15. Jennifer Parsons
  16. Anonymous
  17. Emma M
  18. Tracy Parkinson
  19. Petsecure Match
  20. Sue Hanna
  21. Anonymous
  22. Anonymous
  23. Animal Lover
  24. Eileen Barrett
  25. Anonymous
  26. Anonymous
  27. Maria Tietjen


The animals need your loving heart

Will you join our community of animal rescuers?  

Each person on our team is here because we love animals deeply. We're committed to giving them the love and safety they deserve, and we need your help to get there! Please consider sharing your loving heart with vulnerable animals and supporting our Lock-In for Love fundraiser for the BC SPCA.  

By sharing your love, you'll help us move one step closer to a world where animals never have to suffer hunger or fear, cold or pain. And right now, your gift will go to work providing rescue, warm shelter, nourishing food and healing medical care to animals in B.C. who are desperately waiting for help.   

Please consider making a caring donation today. Whatever amount you are comfortable with,your loving support would mean so much. Both to us and to the animals you are saving. Thank you!

To donate, please click on the 'Donate' button or call 1-855-622-7722 and mention our Lock-In for Love page.

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